Brazen daylight burglary committed in Ladue

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LADUE, MO (KPLR) – A housekeeper in Ladue walked in on a burglary in progress Wednesday.

According to police, the homeowners left their house on Upper Ladue Road around 9 am, and the housekeeper arrived around 11:45.

The housekeeper told police she heard a voice coming from somewhere in the home, but knew she should be the only one there.

Police said the housekeeper started walking around the home trying to locate the voice; when she was hit with something in the back of the head.

"She heard what she believes was a women`s voice with a foreign accent," Ladue Police Sergeant Ray Hahs said. "We don`t know if there was more than one person or if that person was talking on a cell phone, but all indications right now is that there was only one person."

The suspect got away with a few items.

Police did not see any signs of a forced entry. They are still trying to figure out how the suspect got into the home.

Hahs said they haven’t had any other incidents like this in Ladue or surrounding areas.

He is asking for anyone with information on this or who may have seen something to please call the Ladue Police Department.