SLU to redesign its ‘new’ mascot after outcry

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New Billiken Logo 2015ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – It’s a mascot mea culpa from Saint Louis University.

Less than a month after debuting the ‘new’ Billiken mascot, university brass announced Tuesday it would seek a redesign after public outcry and mockery on the national stage.

A billiken is a mythical creature representing good luck. A Missouri art teacher and illustrator is responsible for the first image of the SLU Billiken in 1908.

SLU President Fred P. Pestello posted an amusing video to his Twitter account, seeking valuable feedback from a unique focus group: animals at the Saint Louis Zoo.

Pestello was “told” the new mascot should be lovable, competitive, entertaining, and unique. While Pestello did not specify when a redesigned mascot would appear, the video concludes by telling the students, alumni, and fans, “We listened.”