Missouri State University Quarterback cited for animal cruelty

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SPRINGFIELD, MO - Missouri State University quarterback Breck Ruddick has been cited for animal abuse after a health department investigation. He's ticketed for animal cruelty and letting a dog roam at large.

Ruddick is accused of beating Luca, an Australian Shepherd he was dog-sitting. Veterinarians found Luca's jaw was broken and her molars fractured. After a four-hour surgery, Luca had to have six teeth removed and her mouth stitched up to repair the damage.

The Springfield-Greene County Health Department released the incident report. In it, details on how the dog's owner knew what MSU Quarterback Breck Ruddick did to her dog. The report says he admitted it to her through text messages.

MSU football coach Dave Steckel is one of many officials declining to comment on animal abuse charges against QB Breck Ruddick. Rumors and questions about this case continue to build on social media. Many people asking why are animal control officers are investigating instead of Springfield Police.

That answer, according to police, is simple. Animal control officers - they're more experienced and familiar with these cases. They'll work alongside police.

What does the university have to say? Not much.

"It's out of our hands, I cannot speak about it. Take all these questions to Jill Patterson," said MSU Football Coach Dave Steckel.

Coach Steckel is referring all questions o the office of student conduct. They're doing their own investigation.

Ruddick will continue to serve a suspension until they're done. His attorney releasing a statement on his behalf monday. In it, he calls Ruddick "A young man of highest character, integrity and kindness." That the allegations have, "Numerous inaccuracies and untruths." Calling for everyone to end the, "Lynch mob mentality" in going after Ruddick.

He says Ruddick is cooperating with authorities, hoping to clear his name.

The tickets issued to Ruddick are violations of city laws and the penalties are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Missouri has some state laws but they are vague.

Officials say the investigation is still open and active and more charges could be filed.