Being nice can get you free donuts at Strange Donuts

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(KPLR) -  Jason Bockman has a good way to get the Gateway City to be a little more kind to one another, by giving away free donuts.

'We call it the polite pass,' says Jason Bockman.  'So it just says, `You`re nice. `'

Sweet justice this doughnut do-gooder is not necessarily trying to fight crime with say a cruller.

No, the Strange Donuts founder is just taking their motto: Be Nice, Stay Strange, to the next delicious level and giving away six free donuts for random kindness.

'There`s a book by Thomas Soul I was reading and it says people respond to incentives and people are always incentivized,' says Bockman.

Bockman felt it was his sugary civic duty to try and make Mound City a better place with people living by the golden rule.

But he won`t say where the cards are located.

'Could be banks, DMV`s, restaurants, bars, where you get your hair cut,' says Bockman.

So truth, justice and the American way to our hearts is through our stomachs.

The Strange Donuts do good car might seem like a novel idea but maybe it`s the Gateway City and rest of the country that needs to stumble upon the cards, just by being kind.

'We`re giving away free donuts but wouldn`t it be awesome to have less money and a nicer world,' says Bockman.

Sure, that would be the icing on the cake, donut that is.

Mmm, donuts…