SLU students have mixed feeling about Billiken makeover

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – St. Louis University gets mixed reviews on a facelift to its Mascot, The Billiken.

The big reveal was a video, shown between women’s and men’s soccer games at Robert Herman Stadium Tuesday.

Fox 2 went to campus to gauge student reaction. The majority of students say the new design is creepy, even demon-like. Others say if they think it’s cool and don’t have a problem with it.

“It's a little weird, it's a little creepy,” said SLU Student Sydney Neal. “I think the first mascot they had was pretty cool.”

“We just need time because change is always hard,” said Patrick Graney-Dolan.

Some students wanted to know how much the re-design cost, concerned that the money would have been better served as scholarship money for students.

“The fact is that was a lot of money and that money could have gone towards scholarships, towards basically anything else to help this university and it went towards a Billikens that people aren't satisfied,” said a SLU student named Bridget.

SLU’s president Fred Pestello answered critics with charm on twitter, writing “change is hard… the Billiken is currently going through puberty. Like us, his awkwardness is best met with compassion.”

University officials couldn’t make anyone available to talk on time for the broadcast.