Vehicle involved in Spanish Lake homicide recovered after police pursuit, suspect being questioned

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JENNINGS, MO (KPLR) – St. Louis County Police are questioning a suspect after a police pursuit that ended in the 5400 block of Helen in Jennings Wednesday afternoon.

Police confirm the vehicle they were pursuing was involved in the killing of 26-year-old Alphonse Williams Tuesday night in Spanish Lake.

The suspect apprehended in Wednesday's police pursuit is being questioned to determine his role, if any, to the homicide.

While police have not released the suspect's identity, a woman identifying herself as the man's sister, described to Fox 2 News how that police chase ended on her front lawn.

"I came outside or whatever and seen they had my little brother in the car, and there were 10 police coming this way, helicopter flying in the air, St. Louis city police coming the other way and I’m like what the hell" said Girlie Leasure.

"They had cars parked all on our grass, they all in our yards, we like what’s going on and they getting mad at us, pointing guns at us and we just trying to figure out why the police in our yard, searching our yard and doing all of this extra" she said.

When asked about any possible connection to the Spanish Lake homicide, Leasure maintains her brother's innocence.

"I don’t think he would be involved in anything like this" Leasure said.  "He’s a good kid though.  He stays out of trouble, that’s why I don’t see what the cause was.  All of this confusion I just hope it gets handled and he be out soon" she said.