Sansone Group wants to develop new housing in The Hill

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A major eyesore on The Hill could be turned into high end residential housing.

This would be the first new building addition that has happened on The Hill in decades.

The Sansone Group and their partners have plans to turn the area were this vacant warehouse sits into high end residential housing.

The project will feature 292 apartments, 58 town homes and 15 single family homes.

Before even taking this project idea to the City of St. Louis the Sansone Group first wanted to talk to a group called the Hill 2000.

"The Hill 200 is a neighborhood organization that acts as an advisory to the city,” said Vice President Jeff Proctor.

The Hill 2000 created a subcommittee made up for residents and business owners who worked for five month on making sure this project was right for The Hill.

The group wants to add young families to the neighborhood without losing the history.

"Out of respect to those people that came here before us we have to make sure we preserve all of the hard work and dedication that has gone in, for some of these families since they immigrated here, and we have to make sure we are making decisions that positively impact the neighborhood," said Proctor.

The project would cost between $35 to $40 million.

Jim Sansone, the Principal of Sansone Group, said they hope to get the city’s approval and break ground by spring of 2017.