Police investigating the death of activist/rapper found in burning car

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) - Police are seeking the public's help in finding who killed a prominent community activist Tuesday morning in Riverview.

29-year-old rapper and activist, Darren Seals, has been identified as the man found inside a burning car Tuesday morning dead from a gunshot wound.  Mya White is a local artist and fellow activist who knew Seals well.

"He was always a good support system for me" said White. "A great friend, a brother".

White met Seals during the height of protests in Ferguson following the killing of Michael Brown, Jr.

"Community, community, community" said White.  "He was always promoting and reinforcing the principles of community" she said.

White says while Seals' approach to bringing about change may not have aligned with everyone, it was his dedication to the cause that is to be admired.

"Darren always spoke up for everyone else and it didn't matter in what way they lost their life he was just concerned that a life was lost and I think that that is the bigger picture" White said.

Police don't have suspects in the case and are asking the community to come forward with any information that could help.

"With the victim being who he is, he's been very prominent in the community, we're hoping this helps us out with people calling us because we want that to happen- we need to solve this together and without the communities help we're my going to be able to solve it" said St. Louis County Police Sergeant Shawn McGuire.