Lights out for night baseball games at St. John Vianney High School

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KIRKWOOD, MO (KPLR) - The school made extensive renovations to its baseball field in the spring including a new sound system, seating and stadium lights.

Wednesday night, The City of Kirkwood put limits on Vianney’s use of the field’s new amenities.

The lights are one of the biggest concerns.

Residents complained they were too bright.

“I turned all my lights off and it was like daylight in there,” said Vicki Rees who lives a house away from the field.

Eugene Barr lives just across the street from Rees and likens the lights to those at Busch Stadium downtown.

“When they got the lights on, full blast it just lights up the whole neighborhood of you try to back out of the neighborhood it blinds you,” said Barr.

Vianney has since dimmed the lights to align with city code.

Wednesday night, The City Planning and Zoning Committee passed a petition saying Vianney can’t keep its lights on late at night.

Vianney’s President says the lights are so dim now that it’s not safe to play competitive baseball at night.

Students are trying to stay positive…

“I know in the last year at some of the district games we play under the lights and it was a really cool experience but I love the game of baseball it doesn't matter what time of day I play at,” Tommy Kraus, a senior and baseball player at Vianney said.

Other limitations in the petition say Vianney must plant trees to help block the sounds and bright lights from the neighborhood and it can’t use the sound system late at night.

The restrictions aren't what the school was hoping for, still its optimistic the neighbors, school and city will come together to find a resolution everyone can be happy with.

“There's always hope,” said President of Vianney High School, Michael Loyet said.