Godfrey first responders using new life saving device

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GODFREY, IL (KPLR) - The Godfrey Fire Protection has saved a life with the help of a system called ResQCPR.  The system helps first responders administer CPR.  The department says a 54-year-old unresponsive male began breathing after first responders recently used the device.

One of the system’s key features is a device that looks like a plunger.  It acts like a suction cup.  Traditional CPR includes chest compressions.  The plunger-like device helps deliver chest decompressions.  The decompressions help circulate blood.

“You are actually pushing more oxygenated blood to the brain and throughout the body,” said Capt. Jake Ringering, Godfrey Fire Protection District.

“So not only are we saving the heart now, we’re saving the brain,” said Godfrey Fire Chief Erik Kambarian.  “That’s leading to outcomes like this gentleman who went to work 8 days after he was essentially dead on his living room floor.”

The Godfrey Fire Protection District was the first fire department in the state of Illinois to purchase the equipment. Kambarian said their rescue is the first in the state using ResQCPR.  The department owns 3 systems.  Each one costs $1,300.  One of those systems was donated by a local business owner.