Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence speaks in Chesterfield, MO

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KPLR) – The presidential race came to St. Louis on Tuesday. Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence spoke to more 1000 vocal supporters in Chesterfield today.  His speech focused on hot-button Republican issues like terrorism, national security, the economy, taxes, and of course, the on-going troubles in the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Pence was the final speaker in an afternoon full of fiery campaign-type speeches from prominent Republicans from across the state.  Catherine Hanaway, Jay Ashcroft, Congressman Jason Smith, and Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson all took to the stand to discuss the importance of this upcoming election, especially the impact Missouri can have on races across the country.

Prior to Governor Pence, the man who wants to be the next Governor of Missouri spoke to the crowd.  Political outsider Eric Greitens talked about his candidacy and how his experiences outside of politics can lead Missouri in a new direction politically.

Pence began the day in Springfield, Missouri and then came to Chesterfield to make sure his supporters were energized and willing to spread the word of his campaign. It was pointed out several times that Missouri is once again a state that could have a big impact on the national election and the key will certainly come down to voter turnout.

We can expect to see more Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates coming to Missouri in the near future now that the polls are tight and Missouri is one of the few battleground states that could sway the Electoral College.  Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party is expected to make an appearance in St. Louis this weekend.

This is the raw video of Mike Pence's speech in a St. Louis suburb: