Prosecutors say inmates targeted mother and child in murder for hire plot

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CLAYTON, MO (KPLR) - Allegations of a chilling murder plot, hatched in jail, and targeting three unsuspecting victims. Two St. Louis County inmates have been charged in an alleged conspiracy to commit the murders.

Investigators say inmate Dontay Jones, in jail awaiting trial for statutory rape, asked another inmate to kill three people. In exchange, Jones promised to help get the man out of jail.

According to the court documents just released, the two men charged are Dontay Jones, 24, and Derrick Nelson, 22, both from St. Louis. Prosecutors allege Jones, who is facing charges for statutory rape, approached Nelson, who had been jailed on theft charges, about killing people. The targets included three people, including a mother and her child.

Court records indicate Nelson agreed he would indeed kill the victims if Jones helped him get out of jail. That's when prosecutors say Jones had money delivered to Nelson's friend in order to pay his bond to get him out of jail so he could commit the murders. Prosecutors would not confirm if the intended targets were connected with Jones' pending rape case.

Early in the month Jones requested a judge lower his current $10,000 bail that had been set for his rape case. His request was denied.

Prosecutors say authorities were able to foil the scheme before anything happened and no one was hurt. The two men have now been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.