Parishioners feel blessed over Mother Teresa canonization

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - The excitement over Mother Teresa becoming a saint is especially visible at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Ferguson.  Mother Teresa died in 1997 but did make a visit to St. Louis before she passed away.  She continues to be remembered for the love and charity she showed to those who were often neglected by others.

“We know she’s a saint already, whether it’s declared publicly or not,” said Fr. Robert “Rosy” Rosebrough.

The parish priest will be heading to Rome to help with communion.  He’s been told the crowd for Mother Teresa’s canonization could be approximately 500,000 people.

“She had two dresses to her name,” said Fr. Rosy.  “No money, no real estate, no 401k and she just simply loved people, and yet she was the richest person I’ve ever known.”

A service at the church on Wednesday was part of a weeklong series of events leading up to Sunday.  Parishioners say the way Mother Teresa lived her life has been a true inspiration.

The charity order she founded continues to help across the world, including in north St. Louis.  The Missionaries of Charity continues to operate a soup kitchen on Cottage Ave.

“She was such a beautiful person, and you couldn’t ask for somebody better than that,” said Pamela Hartwell.

“We think about 401ks or investments or second houses or cars, she just thought about sharing love,” said Fr. Rosebrough.  “It’s so simple anyone can do it.”