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Vandals set fire to items donated to the Salvation Army

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KPLR) - Shame on you! That's what Salvation Army workers are saying about a vandal who set store donations on fire that were left over the weekend. According to employees it happened at around 11:30 Monday night at the stores drop site. The crime was all caught on surveillance video at the 3800 block of Nameoki Road. The fire burned for about 45 minutes as electronics, clothing and furniture went up in smoke. Salvation Army Major Kendall Matthews says he's disappointed.

"As I was watching it my heart just dropped to know that someone would set on fire donations. I'm really upset behind that to know that someone not thinking right and not living right would be led to set donations on fire' said Matthews.

Luckily no one was hurt during the fire and the building is still intact. At this point there's no word on who was involved or the amount of money lost from the donated goods, but were told 86 percent of every dollar goes back into Salvation Army programs and the community.