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Trump set deliver immigration speech Wednesday

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(KPLR) – Tuesday marks 10 weeks until Election Day.  It seems that every week brings a different scandal and a new debate.  This week is certainly fitting the bill.

Trump will give his major address on immigration Wednesday.  Republicans are looking to see if he changes his stance from the primary season, while democrats are already calling his plans racist.

Donald trump is in Iowa this week previewing his immigration reform speech scheduled for tomorrow.  He is facing criticism in his own party for appearing to soften his stance on deporting millions of illegal immigrants.

His campaign says that`s not the case.

Trump backed up that statement tweeting, "from day one.. I said that I was going to build a great wall on the southern border.  Stop illegal immigration.  Watch Wednesday."

Democrats had a conference call with reporters where they said his policies are motivated by hate.

Meanwhile, on the Hillary Clinton front another week, another controversy inside her campaign.

One of her lead staffers, Huma Abedin announced a separation from her husband yesterday after revelations of another sexting scandal by him.

Republicans say this is just another case of continuing scandals within a dysfunctional Hillary Clinton campaign.

You can bet that will come up in the debates, which are now less than a month away.

Republicans say this isn`t just tabloid drama.  They claim there are some bigger issues with the Anthony Weiner scandal.

They are saying there are national security issues here, because Abedin was privy to classified material which she might have shared with her husband.

Now he could be a target of blackmail if there are other pictures out there.

Democrats say this is just a marital issue.  Nothing more than that and now it's a part of the past.