Fliers say it may be the end for Flying Dutchman Airport in the Metro East

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) - Tuesday afternoon, 20-30 mile an hour outflow winds from thunderstorms changed the makeup of the day.

And with the rain, that meant no planes were flying in and out of the Flying Dutchman airport in Belleville, Illinois.

'If the weather is nice you`ll see planes fly around in the early morning until early evening,' says Matt Barriger, Barber Murphy Real Estate.  'I`ve seen hot air balloons land here.'

But the windsocks, of change could be switching directions at this longtime Metro East airstrip.

'I`ve never listed an airport before,' says Barriger.  'It`s different.'

That`s right, if you`ve been looking for your own landing strip, you`re in luck!

Just ten miles from downtown St. Louis as the crow flies, or say, a Piper Cub, is a Metro East mainstay along Route 15 near Frank Scott Parkway.

'The Flying Dutchman came about in the 1950`s,' says Barriger.   'A group of gentlemen met weekly or monthly at a local bar and they called themselves the Flying Dutchmen.'

For years, the former world war veterans, retirees and weekend pilots have picked this parcel as their point of departure.

But the 79 acre plot of land is for sale and includes a 2500 foot long grass runway.

'We`ve had a couple of conversations with some pilots and then just people born and raised in Belleville who`ve seen it most of their life and wonder what`s going to happen with it,' says Barriger.

That remains to be seen, at a price take of $4.9 million dollars, this could be a new subdivision, soccer field or something else altogether.

And this safe place for pilots could quite possibly make way for progress, plane and simple.