Crime Watch Daily to feature Fox 2 in special report involving Pam Hupp

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(KPLR) - Crime Watch Daily was in St. Louis today, covering the twists and turns involving Pam Hupp.  O`Fallon MO Police say Hupp murdered a man with disabilities to take heat off of her in a separate murder case.

Crime Watch Daily correspondent Jason Mattera told Fox 2, 'I`ve got to say the reporting here has been phenomenal.'

Mattera interviewed Fox Files investigative reporter Chris Hayes for a special report planned for September.

Mattera added, 'This one has so many layers.  There`s so many twists and turns.  I`m sitting here interviewing you Chris and I`m saying oh my gosh, there`s another twist?'

Fox 2 was the only news source to attend the first Betsy Faria murder trial.  Betsy was found stabbed 55 times, with a steak knife in her neck.  Lincoln County authorities said Betsy`s husband Russ was the killer.  Prosecutor Leah Askey relied heavily on Pam Hupp`s stories to convict Russ.  Meanwhile, she along with a Lincoln County Judge, kept the jury from hearing Hupp benefitted from proceeds from Betsy`s $150,000 life insurance policy.

A St. Louis City Judge later exonerated Russ Faria when all the evidence came out.  Now Pam Hupp is charged with first degree murder in a different jurisdiction.  The St. Charles County Prosecutor believes Hupp plotted the murder of a random man with disabilities, hoping to frame Russ Faria.

Mattera said, 'Quite frankly I wouldn`t be surprised if even more comes out and we`re back here interviewing you again because of what you`ve uncovered.'

Our interview at Fox 2 studios and the complete national report will run next month in Crime Watch Daily`s season two starting in September.  And stay tuned to Fox 2 news tomorrow night at ten to hear from Russ Faria for the first time since the latest developments involving Pam Hupp.