Local jeweler caught in political crossfire between New York jeweler and Ivanka Trump

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KPLR) – It’s a case of mistaken identity. A local jewelry maker has been receiving angry threats from Ivanka Trump supporters since Ivanka purchased jewelry from a store with a similar name, and the designers sent Ivanka a note back pledging their support for Hillary Clinton.

The jewelry store Lady Grey is in New York, Lady Grey Beads in here in Webster Groves.

Lynnae Tanner Ruff’s jewelry business, Lady Grey Beads, is named after her favorite tea.

"I obviously love tea a lot and I drink a lot of earl grey and right after we were married my husband nicknamed me 'Lady Grey'," Ruff said. "When I was trying to register a name for my business all the good ones were taken and at about midnight when I had to register my husband said well what about lady grey beads."

She started the business two years ago, and then about a week ago she got a strange call.

"We were cooking dinner and the phone rang and I didn’t recognize the number but I answered it and there was a lady who asked is this Lady Grey and I said yes, because my friends call me lady grey sometimes they don’t say lady grey beads, and then she launched right into well what you did to Ivanka was just wrong and classless," said Ruff.

Ruff told the caller she had never sold anything to Ivanka and thought the call was kind of funny until she saw the article that was in the Huffington Post.

The article stated that Ivanka purchased a cuff from a New York jewelry store called Lady Grey. The store owners then sent Ivanka a note saying they were donating the processed from her purchase to the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the Everytown for Gun Safety Organization and the American Immigration Council.

The note went viral and Ruff started getting Facebook messages from Trump supporters all over the United States.

"The comments kept on coming in and that’s when I really started to have to go on the offensive, I would write to every single one of them and explain their misunderstanding most apologized, a couple refused to and one I actually banned," said Ruff.

She said the comments have slowed down as people have figured out she is not the Lady Grey in the article.

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