Illinois elections system hack prompts FBI warning to states

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KPLR) - Hackers stole the personal information of thousands and thousands of voters in Illinois after breaking into the State Board of Elections’ computers.  It appears the hackers were foreigners.  The breech caught the attention of the F.B.I. and Homeland Security.

St. Clair County Clerk Tom Holbrook wanted to assure everyone November’s election will be fair and square. He said he was appalled by what happened, “I think it’s an absolute travesty. I think this is literally a cyber war on the United States.”

Tim Naumann is a voter, “My wife and I have talked about in the past how do we really know the vote done by people are legitimate now you have people hacking into the voting systems it makes you even more wary of what’s going on.

Officials said the hacking was not about changing election results but instead downloading personal information from as many as 200,000 Illinois voters.  County Clerks in Madison and St. Clair counties said they don’t need to worry.  Holbrook said, “The state and the county see no discrepancies in our files no information has been harvested from them they should be safe and secure”.

Still voters were not happy.  One man said, “I’m highly concerned.”  A woman said, “Of course you worry about it.”  The event happened earlier this summer, the state shut down the voter registration system for ten days.  Voter Mike Thomas said, “I think they should have a firewall so they won’t be getting into the system like that.”  And Tom Holbrook said, “It’s literally a war upon us, a cyber war.”

A spokesman for the state board of elections was not as confident that voter’s downstate were not affected.  He said the board was working with the attorney general to figure out a way to notify citizens affected by the hack.

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