Surveillance video appears to show south city car burglary

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Holly Hills resident Aimee Lewis says her home surveillance video shows a man attempting breaking into her vehicle early Saturday morning.

"I saw the guy on the video and I was like 'oh my God somebody’s been in our car'" Lewis said.  "Even both of our cars, he’s checking all the locks".

Lewis says the video shows a man checking the locks on a number of vehicles on Wanda Avenue around 4:30 am Saturday.  Lewis says at one point, the video shows a man gaining access to her husband's truck, before getting into and rummaging around her own Jeep Patriot.

"He started up the street, checking everybody’s handles to see if the car would pop open" Lewis said.  "Then he physically sat and shut the door like it was his car and was rummaging through it which made me sick to my stomach because that’s our personal space our personal stuff and he didn’t take anything else besides the pistol" Lewis said.

Lewis says the thief only took her pistol, and adds that she's learned an unfortunate lesson.

"I’m going to clean this car completely out and not have anything in it" she said.  "But that’s unfortunate.  Just keep an eye on your neighborhood and let your neighbors know if you see anything suspicious" Lewis said.

She's hopeful that the video helps lead police to a suspect before anything much worse can happen.

"To think that somebody is walking the streets, trying to get into our cars... who knows if the next step is our homes" Lewis said.

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