North County family looks to the public to help find missing tortoise

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(KPLR) – Like Sherlock Holmes Emily and Dave Switzer search for clues and are asking for help in finding Totoro the tortoise.

'He`s an African Sulcata Tortoise or African Spurred Hide Tortoise is another name for him,' says Emily Sweitzer.

Slow and steady, the two are continuing their search and hoping to win the race against the clock to find a 45 pound, 10 year member of their family.

'He was the size of a lemon when we got him and now he`s this big,' says Switzer referencing the size of a watermelon.

Totoro is also microchipped.

'Also we`re just trying to cover as much ground as possible,' says

Dave Switzer.  'We have a lot of wooded areas around here so we`re looking for anything that might be smashed over.'

It was August 11, the day Totoro took off from his Spanish Lake home.  The Svitzer`s believe their pet might`ve taken off on an adventure having reached the appropriate tortoise maturity and could now be in search of a mate.

'I`ve had him longer than I`ve been married and he`s part of our family and my daughter is going to be one and in October and I was going to have him in the photo shoot,' says Emily Switzer.

Given that tortoises like Totoro can live to 100 years of age or older, his constant companionship and cold blooded nature have this mom worried.

'It doesn`t matter that he doesn`t have fur or that he doesn`t bark or that he doesn`t pee on my shoes,' says Switzer.  'You know, he`s a good guy and got a lot of personalities.'

Emily hopes some hero helps her half shell friend find his way back home.

If you have any information contact Emily Switzer at (314) 681-9351.