County election board to move forward in re-do of Sunset Hills aldermanic race

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) – The St Louis County Board of Elections Tuesday decided to push on with its lawsuit to force a do-over of the aldermanic election in Sunset Hills from last April.

You Paid For It questioned the Election Commissioners decision to push for new elections for the mayor's race in the City Of Berkeley, in addition to the Sunset Hills contest.

Commissioners decided to push for a do-over after the election fiasco in April where there weren't enough ballots.

But a judge has ruled against the Election Board in the Berkeley election, stating that there's not enough evidence to warrant Berkeley Mayor Ted Hoskins being forced to rerun the race. Mayor Hoskins won the election by 13 votes.

The Elections Board's own staff recommended against redoing the Sunset Hills contest which Alderman Richard Gau won by 73 votes. But Commissioners decided to push for a do-over anyway.

Investigator Elliott Davis questioned Commission Chairman Richard Kellett about the decision to go forward with the lawsuit in the Sunset Hills case.