A mother’s pain continues 2 years after her son was murdered while doing homework

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Antonio Johnson3ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Tanya Cummings remembers the day back in March 2014 when her life changed forever. Someone shot into the family home on Tholozian in south city, hitting Cummings' 11-year-old Antonio Johnson in the head.

"I held him in my arms" Cummings said.  "He was like 'Momma help me'.  I was holding my son and I had blood all over me and he was talking for a minute trying to cry and he passed away in my arms" said Cummings.

Since that day, life hasn't gotten any easier for Cummings.  More than two years after the shooting and with no one in custody, Cummings is desperate for anyone with information to come forward.

"I understand what they’re telling me- I got to move on but it’s hard- how can you move on if you’re child died in front of you" she said.  "I just wish someone would come forward, someone seen something" she said.  "It happened at 9:20, someone heard something and someone seen something" she said.