St. Louis company encourages children to read, while caring for their employees

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) -  There`s a company that cares for its employees, that provides books for children and stories.

And to grow the people they pay, working in their warehouse each day, they're giving them a free vacation.

'Jamaica or you can go to Fort Meyers, Florida,' says Mark Rygelski, GL group CFO.  'You can go to New York, you can go to Vegas, all the trips are about $5,000 in value and we also give them $500 worth of spending money and they choose where they can go and who they want to spend it with.'

When you walk thru the Book Source doors, owned by the GL group, the words of wisdom on the wall describe the workplace inside.

'We want to engage our employees and we want to make sure the life they have here is a life balance and by engaging them we feel it's the best place to work,' says Gary Jaffe, GL group CEO.

Gary Jaffe gets his work ethic from his father Sandy who founded the company.

At the Book Source there are boxes of Blume and shelves of Silverstein and a stoppage in the normal workday for some earnings reports and a drawing for the five free vacations.

'It`s an awesome job I love it,' says Carvonda Jones, a ten year employee.  'I'm blessed to work for a company like this.  The owners are awesome my co-workers are awesome.  We are helping kids and industry and that`s what I love about working here.  We make sure the kids get their books on time and the teachers get what they need.'

'The stakeholders are happy but for us the only way the stakeholders the only way the stakeholders are going to be happy is through all the people who do the job, the employees,' says Jaffe.  'So the more you can give back the better off we're going to be in the long run.'

What a concept for a company, reaping what they sow for the people who work here and the places they will go.


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