Missouri amendments on the ballot this November

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Voters in Missouri will four initiative petitions to vote on this November.

One potential constitutional amendment is related to campaign contribution limits. If passed, the Missouri constitution would be amended to:

– Establish limits on campaign contributions
– Prohibit individuals or entities from concealing the source of campaign contributions.
– Require corporations and labor unions to meet new requirements to make political contributions
– Sets up penalties for violations of the law.

The second proposed constitutional amendment would increase taxes on cigarettes through the year 2020 while also creating a fee that has to be paid by cigarette wholesalers. Money raised through those new fees would towards a newly established “early childhood health and education trust fund.”

The third proposal is a constitutional amendment that relates the prohibition of new taxes and could impact the ability for cities to revise tax structures.

The fourth proposal is a statutory amendment also relating to cigarette taxes to be used to fund transportation projects.

An initiative relating to the legalization of marijuana did not get enough signatures.

By John Brown