Missing St. Louis woman found alive in ravine near Seattle

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PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. — A 24-year-old St. Louis woman is recovering in the Seattle area after spending two nights trapped in a ravine in Mt. Rainier National Park.  Lacy Endicott told friends she slipped off a trail while trying to take a photo.  The terrain was so steep; she slipped further as she tried unsuccessfully to climb back.  So she spent Sunday night in a hollow tree to stay dry.

National Park Ranger Kevin Bacher said Tuesday a 26 person team began searching Monday morning after she was reported missing.  Her car was located in the northwest corner of the park.  Two members of the team, calling out her name, located her at 5pm Monday.  But she was at the bottom of a steep slope in heavily wooded terrain.  A mountain rescue team worked through the night using ropes and a litter to lift her up the slope to safety.  It took nine hours once she had been located.

Endicott’s former co-workers at the Mid County YMCA had spread the word she was missing early Monday.  Gesa DeGreef, administrative assistant at the Brentwood “Y” said Tuesday, “She is such a trooper about everything in life. I’m sure she had a really positive attitude about everything that was going on.”

Endicott had resigned as the interim Aquatics Director in July to take the vacation trip west with her mother and then start graduate studies at Washington University.

Libby Young, the current Aquatics Director, said word of Endicott’s disappearance spread rapidly through social media.  “Everybody just kept praying to make sure it was all going the right way,” Young said after learning her friend was unharmed.

DeGreef added Endicott, “wanted to leave the park on her own without any assistance.”  After warming up and eating some food, she did just that.