Juror in Principia sex hazing case describes concerns over guilty verdict

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(KPLR) - A juror is questioning her own guilty vote against a former Principia school student convicted of sodomy.   The trial followed a 2014 sexual hazing at the prestigious private school`s football camp.

Juror Hanna Colley says she`s been praying about her June vote to convict 19-year-old Maverick Holmsley.  A judge could sentence Holmsley up to life in prison.

Before sentencing, Holmsley`s lawyers are demanding a hearing.  They want a new trial because of Colley’s experience.

Colley said this about her vote to convict Holmsley, “You didn`t have any choice but to have to say ‘yes’ even though everything inside said `no.’

Colley can`t stop thinking the Principia sodomy attacks were meant as a prank.

She said, “My sympathy was with the boy.  He was stupid. He needed his a** whipped or made to work every free hour for I don`t know how many years community service - the s***est jobs you can give him - an opportunity to think how stupid that assault was in the first place.”

She says she struggled with the fact that Holmsley was only 18 years old at the time of the crime and that he was never accused of penetrating the 15-year-old victims with a pencil, as were other students.  Instead, Holmsley was accused of restraining the victims who were penetrated.

Colley said she was so upset she tried leaving deliberations, but a bailiff wouldn`t allow it.  She said, “I was never allowed to leave the room.  She (the bailiff) stopped me before I could set foot outside the door and she told me ‘if you are leaving this room, you are going to jail.”

Reporter Chris Hayes asked, “And it was forceful?”

Colley paused before saying, “Forceful?  I don`t know if that`s the word.”  She continued, “There was no ifs, ands or buts about it.”

Reporter Hayes asked, “Could you have said, well then I’m a not guilty?”

Colley answered, “That’s what I was trying to say when I was trying to get out of the room.”

An hour later she said she felt her only choice was to vote guilty based on the jury instructions.

A hearing Thursday will address her concerns.

Holmsley's sentencing has not yet been set.  Three other students pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault. They got ten days in jail and two years probation.  A fifth teen goes to trial next March.

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