AT&T investing report of noose found over worker’s cubicle

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - AT&T in St. Louis has launched an investigation to see who’s responsible for hanging a noose over a person’s cubicle. The noose was apparently discovered Monday.  AT&T vowed to get to the bottom of the incident.

When people like Elisabeth Markham saw a photo of the noose they were stunned, “That’s cruel that’s awful.  I can’t believe someone would do that to another human being especially in their work place wherever can see it.” AT&T employees said workers at the phone company are taking about it. Apparently, the cubicle where this happened is on one of the higher floors.

AT&T won’t comment on how or when this was discovered or if anyone has been disciplined.  But a company spokes did say, “We’re taking this seriously and investigating. We don’t tolerate this sort of behavior and will take swift action.”

The photo was upsetting many people including Joe Robinson, “I would definitely make an issue of it. I don’t want to rush to say I would quit. I think it would have a lot to do with the way the situation was handled.”