For his birthday, boy gives shoes to kids in need

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Gunner Robinson's 11th birthday is August 15 -- but instead of asking for things, he's giving them.

For the past three years, Gunner has requested shoes for his birthday. They actually are for children who might not be able to afford new ones.

"I've always got shoes, like new shoes for school and I want other kids to get them, too," he told CNN affiliate WWAY.

So he started "Gunners Runner's" -- an organization that collects shoes for children in his Wilmington, North Carolina community.

Just this past Saturday the boy purchased 30 new pairs at a shoe store with donation money from a local high school's reunion.

His "small idea" turned into something big. Gunner has already given nearly 600 sets of shoes.

"Words can't even describe how proud we are of him because it was his idea," his mother, Kristi Robinson, told CNN affiliate WWAY.

"It just makes me feel better for other kids because they're getting new shoes for the new school year," Gunner said.

Donation boxes are at local businesses and the shoes collected will be given to a social worker to distribute to kids before the school year starts.

Happy birthday, Gunner.

By Jamie K. White

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