Mother speaks out suspects accused of killing her son

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - A mother is accused of plotting to murder to keep her son out of jail.  Tonight her son is charged with a murder from three years ago and she is charged with having two witnesses killed.

Nine months ago charges were dropped against the man suspected of killing Chauncey Brown in 2013.

Today Browns mother got the news that the suspect has been charged again, along with three other people that include the suspects mother have been charged with killing two other teens connected to the case.

This year Chauncey Brown would have graduated from Sumner High School.  Unfortunately in 2013 Brown was killed outside of a nightclub because of a longstanding feud.

Police investigated the shooting and charged Tyrell Davidson with brown`s murder.

But before the case went to trial key witnesses were being picked off.

Jason Moore, Browns friend and witness to the shooting was gunned down at a bus stop.

Then six months later another key witness Noah Barnes was killed, his body found laying along Clara Avenue.

At that point prosecutors had no choice but to drop the murder charges against Davidson because key witnesses were dead and others were afraid to come forward.

After the charges against Davidson were dropped, authorities continued to work on the case.

They uncovered that Davidsons mother; Latasha Mopkins arranged to have the witnesses killed.

She had three men; Cortez McLinton, Frederick Mopkins, and Travon Knighten carry it out.

Fox 2 asked Deandra what she would say to Mopkins mother to mother.

“You are a mother you are a single mother and I am a single mother and to all the single mothers that are already struggling to raise their kids to keep them alive you understand to keep them alive that`s the new thing now not keeping shoes on their feet.  That`s not right.”

Deandra said this is very bitter-sweet, obviously Chauncey is still gone but she's calling this a win.