Police take 3 suspects in custody after making threats against police officers

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VINITA PARK, MO (KPLR) – Police are questioning three people after possible death threats were made towards police officers.

Around 6:30 pm North County Police Cooperative detectives served a search warrant to a house on Lexington Avenue in Pine Lawn.

That’s where they heard a man was threatening to kill police officers.

The person said they were going to carry out the threat by making a prank call, then when officers arrive he would shoot them.

The man making the threat claimed to be ex-military and had multiple weapons.

Inside the home officers found three people and took them all  in for questioning.

Officers got the information about the threat Wednesday morning and by this afternoon they had a search warrant for the home.

Captain Steve Runge said this threat took top priority over everything else.

Detectives did not find any weapons in the home. They did find controlled substances and said the investigation is ongoing.