St. Louisans dine out in support of injured Officer Mike Flamion

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BALLWIN, MO (KPLR) – It is not a busy night of the week in the restaurant business, but this Monday was a different story in Ballwin.  Residents turned out in overwhelming numbers to participate in a dining out fundraiser for wounded Ballwin Police Officer Michael Flamion.

Dozens of restaurants agreed to donate a portion of their proceeds to help Flamion’s family.  It’s been reported he will face a lifetime of medical hurdles after being shot in the back following a traffic stop.  Flamion is paralyzed from the neck down.  He remains hospitalized.

Some restaurants reported more than an hour wait.  One restaurant was even forced to briefly stop taking orders in order to catch up with demand.

Ballwin resident Katie Zaitz-Fink said she was overwhelmed by the turnout.  She organized the event, and hopes to know how much money was raised in a couple of days.

“I really feel this is something we all need to get behind,” said Zaitz-Fink.

The Des Peres Director of Public Safety decided to dine in Ballwin Monday night.

“We have to support each other,” said Chief Keith Krumm.  “We’re all brothers. I’ve been in police work for 43 years so I wasn`t going to miss it.”

Ballwin Police Chief Kevin Scott visited several restaurants to thank business owners and customers.  He received a standing ovation when he walked through the door at Candicci’s.  He received cheers and hugs at Mi Lupita.

“It just gives me the chills,” said Scott.

“It makes me feel happy that so many people care,” said Candicci’s manager Christopher Farber.  “It’s not just officers.  We care about each other.”