Illinois township have sweetheart deals

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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, IL (KPLR) – Tempers flare when the You Paid For It Team goes to investigate money wasted by Illinois Townships.

The Belleville Township recently voted to dissolve itself. The Township Clerk among others said the Township government was a waste of money.

It only has one job, dispensing aid checks to the poor.

The City of Belleville will now do that job which could save taxpayers a quarter million dollars.

Though Belleville Township is throwing in the towel, another township, the East St Louis Township is holding onto its deal.

It takes $1.6 million in property taxes out of the East St Louis community were 45 percent of the people live below the poverty line. But just $245,000 of the money collected is actually given to the poor.  The lion’s share of the budget goes for the salaries of elected officials and the staff at the township office.

I went to see the township supervisor, but we ran into workers who apparently didn't take to kindly to our camera.