Set of tires rolls through intersection, crashing into store

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HAZELWOOD, MO (KPLR) – A set of tires apparently broke off of a tractor-trailer Monday afternoon, rolled and bounced across a busy intersection, and crashed into the window of a store at the intersection of Lindbergh and McDonnell Boulevard.

Surveillance video from a restaurant called Angelo’s Chicago Taste captured the incident.  Co-owner Kim Galasso narrated what she saw on the video.

“This white semi going by right here,” said Galasso, pointing to surveillance video.  “The tires will be immediately after it, or pretty close.  Here it comes... going down... hits the light pole, smashes a sign.  Luckily no cars were coming.  Into the parking lot, right in between those two cars and doesn't hit either one of them, but breaks the Boeing Store's window.”

Hazelwood police are investigating what vehicle the tires came from.

Tamarah Usher’s car was stopped at the intersection, heading north on Lindbergh.  She thought the tires must have fallen from an airplane in the sky.

“It literally was coming from the air,” said Usher.  “I didn't see it coming from high in the air, but I did see it come to the point where it hit that sign.  So I looked around the intersection, looking for this truck or some sort of accident that would have just happened and sent flying pieces.

But I didn't see anything of the sort.”

The surveillance video shows the tires hit a sign in the median in the middle of Lindbergh.  You can also see what appears to be burnt rubber on the utility pole the sign was attached to.  A No U-Turn sign lies in the grass on the east side of the intersection.

Hazelwood police may be able to check the surveillance video at Angelo’s Chicago Taste to see if they can detect any identification signs on the tractor-trailer that appears just prior to the tires.

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