Maplewood man charged with possession of child pornography

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MAPLEWOOD, MO (KPLR) – Maplewood Police revealed they’ve recovered hundreds and hundreds of photos of child pornography from a local man. The 33-year-old man is charged with one count of possession of child pornography which is a Class C Felony. Detectives say more charges could be forthcoming.

It’s the kind of crime that scares any parent. Jessica Allen has children and lives in the area, “That’s terrifying, it’s so scary you never know.”

Michael Minter was given a $50,000 cash only bond after being arrested for possessing child pornography.  Detectives learned of the case Tuesday and in only hours Minter was in jail. Police said a friend of Minter’s saw child porn on the suspect’s cell phone and called police.  Maplewood Detective Mike Gilb said, “He was apprehended and later confessed to large amounts of child pornography.”

Authorities got a search warrant for Minter’s home. Court documents indicate he lives in a Maplewood apartment building on Bellevue Avenue.  They recovered numerous computers, mobile devices, DVD’s and CD’s. All will be scrutinized by forensic experts. Gilb said, “If there was child pornography on one of these devices and it was deleted they can potentially recover this.”

The company that employed Minter is Hartmann’s Art and Concessions.  In a statement the company said as of Wednesday Minter is no longer a subcontractor for the business. Officials said he did pass an annual background check.

If your family had contact with Minter on a personal basis you should to talk with your kids and if anything seems suspicious call Maplewood Police at (314) 645-3000.