Contact 2 volunteer helps resolve alledged bad paint job with Maaco

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Tony Stoverink had his Dodge Magnum repaired at the Maaco shop in St. Peters. He says everything was fine, until it wasn’t.

“The paint started bubbling up on the trim,” said Stoverink.

With the paint job under warranty, he returned to the shop to have it fixed.

“I went up to Maaco and they were gone. No more Maaco.”

Tony learned the St. Peters store had closed. What he didn’t know was how he was going to get his car fixed so he called Contact 2. Volunteer Loretta Muessig took the case. She contacted Maaco and it didn’t take long to get action.

“They were very agreeable at that point. They knew who we were and were willing to help them.” Said Muessig.

Maaco informed Loretta it would take care of the problem and instructed tony to bring his car to the Hazelwood location for repair work.

“In this case it was almost $1,000 so he was very happy and we were very happy to do this for him,” added Mmuessing.

“This is a godsend. If anyone out there is having a problem, they need to contact channel 2 because they’re there for you.” Added Stoverink.

We like to tell those Contact 2 success stories, stories that wouldn`t be possible without the help of our loyal volunteers.

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