Hiker rescued after going over 3 falls

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TACOMA, WA (CNN) - Josh Reichert is recovering at his mom's house in Tacoma. He knows he made a mistake, a big one that nearly killed him. Tonight he wants to keep anyone else from taking the risk he did.

Josh Reichert jumped to a rock in the middle of Sol Duc Falls.

He knew he was stuck but instead of waiting for help, he tried to get out on his own.

He fell over the Sol Duc Falls.

His wife watched and screamed.

He was sucked under water, trapped by a rock; the only way to get out was to go over the falls.

He fell two more times, the second fall shattered his feet, on the third he nearly drowned.

But somehow he managed to swim to the side and got out. He was suffering from hypothermia; an EMTclimbed down to him, and kept him warm, while ropes crews worked to get him out.

They lifted him in a litter and carried him out. The rescue took 9 and half hours.

Reichert knows what he should have done.

Josh want's to thank his rescuers.

It will take 3 months for Josh's shattered heel and foot to heal.

He hasn't seen the video and he doesn't want to, he doesn't want to hear his wife scream.