How is city responding to recent downtown crime?

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Though the two suspects in the fatal carjacking are no longer threats, people still worry about their safety in downtown St. Louis. The shooting of Brandi Hill happened in area considered safe – the trendy loft district. Police and aldermen are now taking action.

As the summer approaches, some say violent crime in downtown St. Louis escalates. But 4th District police Captain Renee Kriesmann says crime numbers are down.

“Crime does continue to trend down in this general area, so one or two bad acts that are high profile doesn’t indicate what happens each day in the downtown neighborhoods,” she said.

The captain also says high-profile crimes like the recent carjacking on Washington Avenue that killed 21-year-old Brandi Hill last weekend was an isolated incident. On April 25, there were two other robberies one on Locust and another on Spruce within 15 minutes of each other that could be connected.

Police are planning to have extra patrols and intermittent street closures throughout the summer months as needed. They also want visitors to watch their surroundings, park smart, and not leave weapons or valuables in their cars.

The city is planning to immediately increase police presence and enforce laws concerning panhandling, open container violations, and excessive noise.

In a statement to downtown businesses, Missy Kelley, president and CEO of Downtown STL, says it is time to take back our downtown and this will require, among other things, strong and consistent presence of police officers and enforcement of all state and municipal laws.