St. Louis firefighter says he was just doing his job, rescuing passengers from burning truck

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - A St. Louis firefighter is in line for a commendation after rescuing two people from a burning truck Sunday morning.

Michael Berra had just gotten off work when it happened, right across the street from the fire house.

Just across the street a truck crashed.  It was wedged between a building and a retaining wall and it was on fire.

Berra found two people trapped inside.  He and a passer-by pulled the passenger out of the truck.

But the driver was trapped under a crushed dashboard.

Both men were able to safely pull the man out of the truck.

Berra's coworkers from firehouse number two were there in seconds to put the fire out and put foam on the gasoline to prevent it from catching fire.

Berra says it was a team effort.