Police searching for dangerous suspect in North St. Louis County

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PAGEDALE, MO (KPLR) - Police are looking for a man wanted for multiple shootings who they consider extremely dangerous.

John Thompson, 28 years old, has been involved in at least two shootings in Pagedale on Bradford Ave and multiple more throughout the St. Louis area.

One of officers biggest concerns about Thompson is that he has no problem firing a weapon at anyone and they believe he will shoot and kill more people it not caught.

Police want to public to be aware and careful if they see Thompson.

He is driving a green Buick Century or LeSabre with silver trim on the bottom.

Officers said Thompson is a known gang member who has been feuding with another gang since a robbery in September.

"You have two rival gangs that have basically declared war on each other we have numerous homicides as a result numerous shootings as a result he is a very dangerous man so we definitely want to get our hands on him," said North County Cooperative Captain Steve Runge.

Officers spotted Thompson's vehicle in Pagedale Wednesday so they know he is still in the area.