Blues mascot a big hit with Riverbend Elementary students

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KPLR) – The second to last day of school for the year can be filled with a lot of energy.

'Because its field day and we only have one more day left until the school year is over,' says Solomon Portin, First Grade Student.  'So you`re ready to be done?  Yes, I`m ready to be in second grade.'

But Solomon Portin and the other first grade students at Riverbend Elementary in the Parkway School District weren`t ready for a big blue polar bear.

'We`re big blues fans and we follow the beard-a-thon and we`ve been coloring and all that for the playoffs,' says Elena Antonacci, First Grade Teacher.  'So we thought it`d be really exciting to invite Louie to our school.'

And based on the response from these grade school students, the six-foot something bear, whose favorite movies are slap shot and the jungle book, was a rousing success with these six-year-olds.

'I thought he was really nice,' says Giuliana Ghiretti.

'Oh yeah, kids are fans of Louie,' says Hannah Uhlenbrock, Community Relations Manager St. Louis Blues.  'They love Louie.'

Though they can`t grow playoff beards yet, these students can encourage others to ditch their razors.

'So this season fans have been supporting the Blues for Kids foundation which is the charitable foundation, which is the charitable arm of the Blues and then Joshua Chamberlain society which they have a mission to support military veterans and give them support,' says Uhlenbrock.

And with the support of these future hockey fans, this second best day of the year is one they`ll be talking about next year in second grade.