Residents of Jefferson County subdivision upset over conditions of roads

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FENTON, MO (KPLR) – Hermitage Hills subdivision residents upset about the condition of their roads.

Residents of a Jefferson County subdivision outside of Fenton say they are seeing too many potholes.

It’s the Hermitage Hills subdivision.  And a pothole, or sinkhole in front of the home Jim Jenkerson shares with his wife and family has nearly stopped the flow of traffic on Waybridge Lane.  Jenkerson said he's been told it's the result of a spring underneath the road or run-off from a hill on the other side of the road.

The problem for the more than 300 homeowners is they are not covered by public works.  It’s a private subdivision, and homeowners pay $125 a year in dues for things like snow removal and road repair.

But it sounds like that’s not coming close to meeting the cost of maintenance.

Jenkerson said, “We have a good board of trustees, but unfortunately unless everybody pays their association dues, there's not enough income for stuff like that.”

Hermitage Hills Board Trustee Dan McKean said, “Just to replace or repair the five worst places in the subdivision costs $250,000.”

McKean said over the past four years the subdivision has spent $80,000 on road repair.  The current estimate on that one section of pavement on Waybridge Lane is $28,000.

Trustees are meeting with another contractor May 17.