Pregnant basset hound shot

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GODFREY, IL (KPLR) - A basset hound is in recovery mode in Godfrey Illinois right now after she was shot in the head and left for dead while pregnant in a rural part of California Missouri.

Jackie Spiker with Hope Animal Rescues says she got the basset hound named Sandra d last Friday after she was found by a family last week. The basset hound gave birth within 24 hours of arriving at the site and they named all four of the female puppies after the pink ladies from Grease. At this point there’s no word on who’s responsible, but rescue workers say the horrific trend is more common during the spring and summer. That's also a time when donations run dry.

Volunteers say they're planning to take mom and the puppies to the veterinarian by the end of the week. The mother is also being treated with antibiotics for an infection in her eyes. Hope Animal Rescues takes in about 500 dogs per year and normally have 130 on site a daily basis.

The dogs will be nursed until they’re ready for adoption in about 10 weeks.