College student creates videos to improve Missouri’s image

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - A wet Monday afternoon isn't raining on DJ Rockette's parade through Missouri.

'Hit about 47 different cities,' says DJ Rockette, Entertainer.  'It was quite the journey.  Took a lot of commitment.  I`d drive about three or four hours for about five or ten seconds of video.  So there`s some times when I`d look around and ask myself, `What the heck am I doing here?`

The St. Charles Community College freshman took a trip around the Show Me State, rapping and singing with pride about his home state.

'But I`m just saying Missouri doesn`t deserve the bad image that it has,' says Rockette.  'I`m trying to do my best to change some people`s minds about how they look at Missouri.'

While in high school he was overjoyed with O`Fallon and said as much in a video.

Rockette used that momentum to launch a video with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

The 18-year-old shared his musical message of living with Type I Diabetes.

'I really wanted it to be for the kids that suffer from Type I Diabetes to see somebody who has Type I Diabetes just like you and to show it`s not such a bad thing,' says Rockette.

And Rockette says the trip to Florida and Louisiana without leaving Missouri was eye opening.

'When I would be traveling through all these places, especially in the smaller towns, it`s not every day they see somebody like me coming through their towns,' says Rockette.  'It`s probably for the same reason that you`re thinking of, because I wear crocs.'

After his musical tour of Missouri, Monday afternoon he was getting the Blues at FOX 2 and KPLR 11, shooting a new hockey themed video.

And though just a teenager, the fired up Blues booster, Rockette, is dropping some civic minded science.

'You know I have more outfits, more crocs, and more ideas,' says Rockette.  'You know I`m ready for more, it all starts here.'