St. Louis man writes best seller after surviving burns in a house fire

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - John O'Leary wasn't supposed to live after being burned over 100 percent of his body as a 9-year-old in January of 1987. He wanted to see what it would look like to put gasoline on a piece of cardboard and set it on fire. The gas can exploded.

John went through 8 months of excruciating pain, surgeries and therapy. His fingers were amputated.

John has now written a book released in March that details how the fire made him live. He talks about Jack Buck visiting him in the hospital and encouraging him through out his life.

John is a sought after national speaker who encourages people how to be "on fire" for life. "On Fire" hit the national best seller list only about a month after going on sale.

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