Missouri GOP party faces challenge uniting party behind Trump

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CREVE COEUR (KPLR) – Their decisions cleared the path for Donald Trump to take the nomination if it's given to him at the GOP convention.

Earlier this year, volunteers for Ted Cruz spent long hours working in an office in the building behind me to win over Missouri voters.

But that office was closed after Donald Trump won the primary here in March.

Now question is can the Missouri GOP leadership unite behind a man they never thought could win the nomination.

Many Missouri establishment republicans saw senator Ted Cruz as the last hope to stop Donald Trump from capturing their party`s presidential nomination.

GOP committeeman and Cruz backer Chris Howard is disappointed Cruz has lost.

The new reality is that a reality show star turned the politics most of us grew up with upside down.

Donald Trump tapped into the anger of Americans who felt ignored by the establishment politicians.

Even though the head of the RNC is calling for the party to unite behind Trump, Schenberg worries the rules for voting at the July national GOP convention could be changed.

Missouri`s Republican Party Chairman John Hancock promises Trump delegates will be part of Missouri’s delegation..

Other long time GOP movers and shakers from this state are expected to approach Trump cautiously and spend more time and money supporting established candidates like U.S. Senator Roy Blunt who is seeking re-election.