FBI looking for three suspects accused of running drugs from Phoenix to St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The FBI is looking for three fugitives associated with transporting drugs from Phoenix to St. Louis. Brian Knight, Leaha Hazza and William “Chill Will” Gavin have been federally indicted in U.S. Federal Court, Eastern District of Missouri, with conspiracy to distribute drugs.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation says that William Gavin, AKA “Chill Will,” is the alleged head of the drug trafficking organization. He belongs to the 49 BAD Bloods, which according to the FBI is one of the most violent street gangs in St. Louis, Missouri. Gavin lives in both the St. Louis, Missouri area and the Phoenix, Arizona area. He also frequents Anchorage, Alaska where he has relatives.

The other two wanted fugitives, Leaha M. Hazza and Brian Knight, live in the Phoenix, Arizona area. They allegedly work as drug couriers.

Gavin, Hazza, Knight

Gavin, Hazza, Knight

The FBI reports that St. Louis police seized 4.5 kilograms of cocaine, 2 kilograms of heroin, 4.75 lbs od marijuana and $28,050 in cash en route to St. Louis from Pheonix. They worked withe the Anchorage Police Department, and the Albuquerque Highway Patrol in this investigation.

Gavin is also accused of coordinating the transportation of 120lbs of marijuana and 16 kilograms of cocaine to St. Louis from Phoenix during several trips from February to April 2015.

Three others federally indicted on the same drug conspiracy, have been apprehended.

If you have information about any of the three fugitives, please contact the U.S. Marshals in St. Louis, Missouri at 314-280-6128.