Mosquito season signals protecting yourself from the Zika virus

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) –   It might be the beginning of May, but mosquito season in St. Louis actually began in March.

'Zika infested mosquito’s aren`t here right now,' says Jay Everitt, Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions Technical Director.  'I think there`s some talks with the CDC that they might be here late summer.  But what`s happening is that people are traveling to other parts of the world, basically South America and they`re contracting it there and bringing it back here with it.'

As an entomologist, Jay Everitt is aware of the breeding patterns of pests and how to avoid them.

The big battle right now for Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions and other pest control companies, the West Nile virus.

The Asian Tiger mosquito here in mound city is potentially transferring it and one of the biggest sources for mosquito’s in residential areas?

Your own gutters.

'I mean when you have a swimming pool that hasn`t been opened and the water is green and you can see the water moving,' says Everitt.  'Those are the ones you have to be careful of.  Or if there`s a large collection of tires or the trashcans are full of water.  I take my trashcans at home and drill a hole in them so the rain gets right out and they don`t have a breeding site.'

Everitt recommends controlling all the standing water around your property.

And if you`re out at dusk and dawn, that`s when they`re business.

This is why he recommends wearing long sleeve shirts, and using bug sprays that contain 25% Deet.

'How do you describe the sound that a mosquito makes?' asks Patrick Clark.

'It`s a high pitched buzz,' says Everitt.  'Obviously you can be sitting there and that buzz when they get near your ear it`s a buzzing sound.'

And it might be your alarm to get away from the biting visitors in your backyard.

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