Facebook post has many sharing memories of the Pruitt Igoe projects

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - FOX 2 reporter Elliott Davis grew up in the Pruitt Igoe neighborhood. He posted a picture to Facebook of him as a 7 year old in front of the projects. The post sparked a huge response from fans and the people who lived there.

The image reached more than 100,000 people on Facebook. There were thousands of comments and likes. Elliott reached out to some of the people who had shared their experiences.

There were some good memories and bad of the worst public housing failure in United States government history. One former tenant says she endured two attempted rapes when she was just 12 years old just trying to get up the darkened stairway to her upstairs apartment in the project. Another talks of the horror of seeing a police office shot dead in the projects.

Each person described how moving in the projects at first seemed like a dream. A decade later that reality turned into a nightmare.

Many moved out and thrived despite living in the Pruitt Igoe neighborhood. The experience actually helped some to be successful in life.

This is the picture Elliott Davis shared to Facebook:

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