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Caught on Camera: Men vandalize golf cart outside Soulard bar

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - Security cameras caught a group of men pulling a costly prank outside a Soulard bar.

The trio is seen on camera tipping a golf cart parked outside Trueman’s Place at Sidney and Lemp.

When a customer left the bar, he saw his damaged property, and notified the manager on duty.

After reviewing footage, management easily determined the culprits were regulars at the bar.

“To be honest, I’m very grateful that we have these security systems,” Trueman’s lead manager Andrew Green said. “Because it protects us and it lets us know that if somebody is going to damage one of our guest’s property, we can hold them accountable for it.”

Green said the bar presented the evidence to the group, which readily admitted fault. They wrote a check to cover the cost of the damaged cart.

Green said the men were drunk, and meant no malice.

But he said the incident should serve as a warning for anyone thinking of wrongdoing outside his bar.

“Don’t do it. We have police patrolling all the time. We have bouncers and we have stand-in officers all the time,” he said.